Around the age of 25-30 years old our bodies enter a change in body chemistry called Somatopause. It’s the phase of life when our Pituitary Gland starts declining in production of human growth hormones which eventually increases body fat accumulation. This decline in HGH is the starting point where we lose muscle mass and much more. At the present moment you have the opportunity to reverse this process and enjoy life-long robust health by producing a normal level of HGH. 

All hormone producing glands need the basic micro-nutrients absorbed such as B vitamin complex with additional B-1 and their cofactor minerals. With a small portion of essential vitamins and minerals the following list of conditions can be controlled:

  • Loss of muscle mass and muscle tone. 
  • Difficulty losing and controlling weight 
  • Lowered energy levels 
  • Reduced levels of collagen, contributing to wrinkles and crepey skin
  • Loss of sex drive and a increase in related disorders, including ED
  • Loss of bone mass and the beginning of age related joint health 
  • Decrease in effectiveness of the immune system

Regardless of your age or physical fitness, it is possible to change your brain to reestablish your HGH levels. This amazing hormone is produced in the Pituitary gland located at the base of the brain leading to the brain stem. HGH is necessary for a child’s normal growth and is necessary to balance and correct amounts of muscle, bone and fat in adults over the age of 25. Your liver converts this HGH into growth factor (IGF-1). The circulating IGF-1 stimulates the production of cartilage cells, which causes bones to grow and muscle to develop mass. The main HGH functions include:

  • Bone density 
  • Reproduction of cells 
  • Lean muscle mass 
  • Maintain muscles, organs, and body fat 
  • Metabolic regulation.

In a 8 week study that included cardiovascular exercise there was a 31% body fat loss and increase of HGH by 71%. How does exercise burn away your body fat cells? Each one of your body’s fat cells has its own growth hormone receptor. The HGH will bind to this fat receptor and produce a series of enzyme reactions within the cell that leads to the breakdown of fat. This process is called lipolysis. HGH also supports fat loss via an insulin and glycolysis cycle in the cells to produce energy (ATP).

It is best to stimulate this HGH process an hour before sleep, since the largest wave of HGH occurs an hour after you fall asleep. This is called the REM phase of sleep. It is more natural to produce your own HGH than taking any homeopathics. It involves more than just exercise, fasting and restricting carbs to control your health. Due to different ages and physical body structures, it is best to contact Dr. Jon for the necessary supplements to accomplish this task.

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