According to The College of Family Physicians of Canada, carpal tunnel syndrome is remediated in time with vitamin B-6. Also, combining active B-6 with other water soluble B vitamins on a timely basis can cut that time to 3 to 6 months. Our recommendations are to eliminate excessive dietary toxins like alcohol, refined sugar, white rice, and excess tannic acid drinks, since they block the absorption and prematurely cancel the prevention of B complex vitamins from functioning in the cells. In our teaching program we incorporate other conditions such as generalized tendonitis, thumb pain, and plantar fasciitis. Along with the B vitamins we use a highly absorbed Magnesium so the cells’ energy factories can produce the necessary enzymes for eliminating inflammation. 

Nutritional deficiencies are fairly common today due to life and environmental stressors, genetic heritage, and of course our diet. We incorporate too many fats, proteins and carbohydrates without paying attention to required micronutrients necessary to facilitate our 30 to 40 trillion adult body cells.

Come see us and make an appointment with Dr. Jon, who specializes in functional nutrition, and take advantage of his 30 years experience in the health industry. “We can make a difference in your life”.

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