Casimir Funk, a biochemist from Poland in the early 1900, coined the words ‘vital amines’ through his studies on human energy cycle and how the human biochemical process was accomplished.

Around the same time, a Dutch MD (Dr. Eijkman) wrote an article on starvation called Beri-beri; and Casimir Funk was enlightened by Dr. Eijkman writings to pursue further the idea of Thiamine deficiency, the concept of amine chemicals in human biochemistry. As a result of his research, he titled these amines as; Vitamin B-3 (niacin) and Vitamin B-1 (thiamine). In 1912 Casimir Funk published his findings in ”The Journal of State Medicine’. Also in his book titled “The Vitamines”, Casimir Funk postulated that other diseases, such as Beri-beri, rickets, pellagra, celiac disease, and scurvy could be cured with vitamin therapy.

To play Devils advocate, apply these ideas to your children in imaginary conduct today as manifesting intermittent Beri-beri. When living a certain life style; for example, your children starts their day with a Pop-tart, cows’ milk, bowl of cereal or a soda (all highly adulterated) before school. At the end of the day the parent gets a report from his–teacher that’ Johnny’ has ADD, or ‘developmental delay’, or just didn’t get enough sleep. What has happened is the refined sugar, refined carbohydrate cereal, milk sugar and performance stress at school has depleted his/her B vitamin reserves. Consequently his entire metabolic cycle is in chaos. Within an hour after taking a B-complex vitamin, additional individually needed B vitamins and specific minerals the central nervous system can be performing much higher level. It is amazing!

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