Have you ever wondered why you feel better on supplementing with all the B Vitamins? “So have I”! According to Dr. Derrick Lonsdale’s book “Thiamine deficiency disease, and Dysautonomia…”. He demonstrates through his patients stories that B Vitamins are essential to operate our entire cellular system. In his 40 years of practice both at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Derricks private practice, he treated his patients through laboratory blood and urine analysis to determined any nutrient deficiencies that could be causing their illnesses. As the title spells out’ B-1 deficiency’, was involved in the following conditions POTS, ANXIETY, STRESS, PMS, HEART PALPATATIONS, FIBROMYLGIA, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, ANTI-INFLAMATION, MUSCLE PAIN, JOINT PAIN, HEADACHES,LOCKED FINGER, TENDINITIS, KNEE PAIN, ACIDOSIS, IBS, COLITIS, SOME ANEMIAS, MUSCLE WEAKNESS, AIR HUNGER, EYE ISSUES,PALE SKIN, LOSS OF TASTE and much more. B-1 deficiency is coined as the great mimicker of cell starvation of energy (ATP). Come see us; make an appointment with Dr. Jon specializing in functional nutrition and take advantage of his 30 years experience in the Health Industry.” We can make a difference in your life”.

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