Healing powers of nature just a walk in the woods or a stroll by the beach on a sunny morning can awaken the innermost feelings of happiness and peace, and Environmental Psychology has gone a long way proving this fact (Bell, Fisher, Baum, Greene, 1996). Being outdoors can make us feel freer and more grounded. It makes us feel connected to nature and to a community that is bigger and more diverse than we normally encounter during our daily, and mostly indoor, activities.

Benefits of Spending More Time Outdoors

Our love toward nature is genetic and deep-rooted in evolution. For example, have you ever wondered why most people prefer to book accommodations that have a great view from the balcony or the terrace? Why patients who get a natural view from their hospital bed recover sooner than others? Or why does it happen that when stress takes a toll on our mind, we crave for time to figure out things amidst nature?

Frank Lloyd Wright had once said, “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” Why do we feel so empowered when we are close to nature? What happens to us when the soft breeze or the warm sun falls on us?

Increasing research links nature to mindfulness, creativity and imagination. Trees can be an especially powerful image in this process. According to a recent study, a momentary view or even an image of some trees can enhance positive emotions. Other studies have found that trees have the ability to calm people physically and emotionally. Even more research has shown that a calm, peaceful state of mind can promote healing, enhancing the mental resilience that patients need as they go through treatment.

At cancer centers, there are patients who are wheeled to rooftop gardens to get a break during lengthy hospitalizations. For people with cancer and survivors at home who may not have direct access to the outdoors, even a trip outside a building in a city can feel refreshing and alleviate stress. There may be some green spots in the city to visit. Or, one can simply take a moment to breathe more deeply and turn one’s attention to the sounds of honking cars or the colors and shapes of pedestrians. It’s amazing how much you will notice when you’re not rushing, when you don’t feel pressured to get somewhere or do something.

Treatment schedules have been modified to adapt to local and personal circumstances to keep people safe and prevent the virus from spreading, and most travel has been suspended or modified. But the outdoors is still there, and it’s usually not too far from your front door.

The healing powers of nature is such that it can help us refuel and diminish our stress, bringing a deep sense of calm. We encourage you to look for parks in your area or nearby trails for hiking. For those who love the ocean, a trip to the coast can be restorative, even perfect if it includes a swim in ocean waters, with necessary precautions of course.

Besides indulging yourself in the healing power of being outdoors, you can also include supplements, herbs, and extracts that are increasingly being used in integrative medicine to help strengthen your immune system and ease the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. CancX Nutritional Support is a unique formula with whole red raspberries and provides a proper balance of nutrients to meet the specific nutritional needs of people suffering from Cancer or trying to recover from its side effects.

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