Night time leg cramps or restless muscle twitching can be caused by a simple imbalance of Calcium in the muscles without enough Magnesium. Let’s take a look at Calcium, its vital for our bone structure and less for cell wall construction. The calcium invades our muscle cells without enough Boron and Magnesium; causing muscle contraction turning into pain. The strategy to reverse this pain is to add Boron and Magnesium twice daily. This relocates excess Calcium to your bones.

The addition of 3mg of Boron – helps migration of Calcium thru the Thyroid to your bones. (calciums bank account). This calcium helps remodels bone-mass, and creates resistance to fractures. Along with the Boron you add 400 mgs of Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Glycinate powder to water and drink to help relax the muscles. Problem solved! Both Boron and Magnesium are deficient in the Standard American diet. Fruits and vegetables (organic) (without mineral analysis) makes it necessary to use vitamin pills to supplement our nutritional needs.

Some healthy adults drink Celtic sea salt in water to reduce muscle cramping instead of Boron and Magnesium but the risk of developing high blood pressure is to great with Celtic salt. The best choice is to eat a Whole Foods Plant Base diet.

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