Hippocrates stressed, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. According to Dr. Judah Folkmand, Harvard pioneer of angiogenesis, “Big Pharma” is manufacturing patented products that cut off the blood supply to certain cancers. A revolution in cancer therapy, anti-angiogenesis started in the early 2000’s. It controls the fast growth of new blood vessels.

With anything natural there are exceptions. Women’s blood vessels grow monthly in the uterine lining to prepare for pregnancy. During pregnancy these blood vessels grow to become the placenta.

An analogy to blood vessel controls is a gardener pruning a tree. Anti-angiogenesis reduces excess amounts of blood vessels and capillaries. These “pruning compounds” are also found in our foods when there is an imbalance of these blood vessels (imbalances of angiogenesis) in sufficient numbers. We can suffer from: improper wound healing, heart disease, poor circulation, stroke, erectile dysfunction, or hair loss.

When we have an overabundance of blood vessels/capillaries we can suffer from: cancer, blindness, psoriasis, arthritis, endometriosis, Multiple Sclerosis, obesity, fatty or non-alcohol Fatty Liver Syndrome, or Alzheimer’s.

These natural “pruning compounds” are found abundantly in our food, supplements and herbs: Vitamin E, Green Tea, Turmeric, Glucosamine, Lavender, Citrus, Cabbage Family Foods, Red Grapes, Frankincense, Garlic, Soy, Berries, Parsley, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Lion’s Mane Mushroom. And the list goes on….

To avoid cancer, or to eliminate it when it’s microscopic, feed yourself and your pets these anti-angiogenic foods.

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