As the seasons change, elderberry and Vitamin D3 may help support the immune system and reduce the bad side effects of the flue. Plants like elderberry have mechanisms, such as hemagglutinin protein, that interferes with viral replication at the cellular level.

According to owner Dr. Jon Holznagel, the sun converts the cholesterol in our exposed skin to manufacturer vitamin D3 during the summer months. The opposite occurs in the winter due to the lack of ultraviolet light. A vitamin D3 25(OH) D3 blood analysis can be ordered by a physician to determine an individual’s level of vitamin D3 is sufficient or insufficient.

“For many generations, mankind believed in elderberry’s antiviral properties.Israeli virologist Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu enlightened us with her research that black elderberry reduces healing time, says Holznagel. “In another similar randomized study, a Norwegian research team found that black elderberry reduced flu-like symptoms by 48 hours.

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