Garlic offers immune support

Some “immunity shots” incorporate garlic, and for good reason. Historically, garlic has been used to ward off illnesses, fight infections, and treat wounds. In fact, research lends credibility to garlic’s immune-bolstering capabilities. In one study,  146 volunteers were assigned to receive either a placebo or a garlic supplement daily for 12 weeks throughout the winter. The garlic group experienced significantly fewer colds compared to the placebo group, and they recovered faster if they did get infected.

Newer research confirms that aged garlic extract may enhance immune cell function. In the study, healthy adults between 21 and 50 received either a placebo or aged garlic extract for 90 days. While there was no difference in the number of illnesses between the groups, those who received garlic had reduced cold and flu severity, fewer symptoms, and a smaller number of missed days of work or school.

Garlic fights high blood pressure

Around the world, about 25% of adults have high blood pressure, and the condition is linked to seven million deaths each year. In one meta-analysis, garlic supplements were found to be more effective at curbing blood pressure compared to a placebo, especially in people diagnosed with hypertension. Another study found that garlic supplements have the potential to reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension, while simultaneously lowering cholesterol and stimulating the immune system.

It can protect from cancer

Garlic and other vegetables in the allium family, including onions and leeks, have been linked to a reduced risk of several types of cancer, including of the stomach, throat, prostate, and colon. Natural compounds in garlic are known to help selectively kill off cancer cells, and prevent cancer from growing and spreading.

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